In Memory

Russell Handy


Date Of Birth: 6-2-1949
Date Deceased: 1-26-2015
Age at Death: 65
Cause of Death: Cancer
Classmate City: Kansas City
Classmate State: MO
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No
Survived By: Son Christopher R. Handy, Gainesville FL Daughter Danielle Grandchildren James,Katie,Veronica and Cameron

When he was 19 he put together, from a Heathkit my parents' first color television. Before that, he rehabbed my mom's 1957 Corvette, putting in a Hurst shift, 302(?) OHC engine, black rolled and pleated leather, and painted it midnight blue with metal flexk paint. Mental illness claimed much of his life, he could have done some really marvelous things, especially in the field of electronics. (Submitted by Rusty's sister Renee, SW class of 1969).

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03/01/15 06:40 AM #1    

Ronald Silverman


03/01/15 11:11 AM #2    

Kent Johnson

Goodbye, Rusty.

03/01/15 02:11 PM #3    

William Tipton

Very sad. Rusty was a super handsome cool guy. RIP my old friend.

03/03/15 11:46 AM #4    

Trudy Royster

RIP will be remembered in the hearts of many!

07/25/15 04:18 PM #5    

Candice Wilson (Faulkner)

So sad to hear of Rusty's passing.  He was a nice guy!

07/26/15 07:52 AM #6    

Gary Grist

I sat next to Russ in Ms. Moore's typing class.  We had a hell of a lot of fun razing the teacher and competing in words-per-minute races.  I thought he was the coolest guy in school; into auto repair and hot rods.  He was the Fonz before there was a Fonz. I always wished I could hang out more with him, but life often has other plans. God bless you, Russ, and good bye. -Gary

07/26/15 11:56 AM #7    

Gene Greenberg

Very sorry to hear of Russell's passing. Gary said it all...he was the Fonz before there was a Fonz. Rest in peace.

07/26/15 08:22 PM #8    

Donald Winett

I didn't know Rusty well but his picture is so familiar that it brings back memories. So sorry to hear of his passing. I do remember thinking he was so smart. Gone much to soon.

11/02/22 11:50 PM #9    

Mary Alice Lang (Salisbury)

I met Rusty walking to school one day in either my 8th grade or freshman year.    He came out of his house as I passed by and we just got to talking. Such a great guy.  Always so nice.  I remember him telling me (and Anne Layton who often walked with us) about all his latest electronic endeavors.  I was amazed that this young kid who was the same age I was (I think we were 13 at the time.. maybe 14) was able to do the things he did!  He put together radios and rigged up other cool electronic gadgets in his house.  It seemed like every week he had a new thing or invention to tell us about.  What really struck me though, was what a nice guy he was.  He was good looking, smart, and always kind.  I felt lucky that he was so nice to me in these walks we shared going to school.  It was weird but I have no memory of being in a class with Rusty, ever.  I can't picture ever seeing him at school at all.. only walking to school.     I am sorry to hear about the mental health issues he faced that his sister wrote about in her comments and the top of this page.  Back in the 60s attitudes about mental/emotional health issues weren't always very tolerant or understanding.  And there weren't the resources for people that there are now. It must have been very hard for him, and I am truly sad for whatever struggles  he carried within him throughout his life.  Rest in peace, Rusty.  




11/03/22 12:40 PM #10    

Lewis Nerman

It's always sad to lose one of our classmates, but as we get older it becomes a bigger part of life. I don't think I knew Russell, but it always hard to say goodby knowing his life was cut short.


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