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Michael McKinnie

Michael McKinnie

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08/21/17 10:04 PM #1    

James Miller

I’m thinking it’s September 1961.  First day of 7th Grade at George Caleb Bingham Jr. High School.  I was 11 years old.  Had moved a little over a year ago from Kansas City, Kansas.  Attended JC Nichols Grade School the year prior.  I was shy.  Struck up a conversation with the guy who had the locker next to me (He probably started it because, if you don’t remember, I WAS SHY).  He became my Best Friend throughout Jr. High and High School.  He was Mike McKinnie. 

We did almost everything together.  Rode our bikes all over KC.  Went to the Waldo Theater on Friday nights.  Swam in the fountains on Ward Parkway.  Played Hockey during the winter at the fountains on Ward parkway.  Played Football between the North/South Ward Parkway streets after school.  Played 3X2 Baseball throughout – sometimes on the same team, sometimes not.  Mike was a better athlete than I was. Went to KC Athletic games, Chiefs games, Hockey games, etc.  I couldn’t tell you how many times we played Whiffle Ball out in front of his house.  Played poker wherever we could.  We would wait up for Mike’s dad to get home on a Friday or Saturday night just to hear of the police activities of the day.  I was told I was like a second son at the McKinnie house as I was over there all the time.

Mike and I went our separate ways after High School.  We kept in touch, but not enough. I basically left KC in 1969 for College in Oklahoma, with only short visits back.  Then the Navy for me. 

20 years ago, 1997, Mike passed away after seeing his sons off to school in the morning.  I never knew his wife, nor his sons (I see Mike in all three).  I will always regret that. 

What I would like to pass along to all of you is that it is never too late to re-kindle the relationships you had and cherished from your youth.  I did not do that, and I dearly regret that.  The next thing you know your Best Friend during a fantastic time of your life is no longer there. I’ll always have the wonderful memories of that early time in my life.  I miss you Mike.

08/22/17 11:51 AM #2    

Donald Winett

It's nice to see you posted this memory of Mike. I have fond memories of Mike as well. Just a super guy. I moved away to Oklahoma in 1972. So when I found out Mike was gone way to soon I was shocked. Thanks for the memories.






08/22/17 12:01 PM #3    

Pat Titterington

Knew Mike a little in high school but would run into him a lot during our late 20's and early 30's  I really enjoyed that.  


08/22/17 12:15 PM #4    

Bud Young

Mike was a good guy. I remember him mostly from football. We both were guards when I played.

I saw Mike one day at the River Oaks Golf Course, where he and some friends were just arriving.  Harold Edelbaum (SW'67)  and I were both on Grandview Fire Dept. and we were in a pumper truck when we saw him.  Being the nice guy that he was, he greeted us and shared theat he was then a  sgt. on KCPD. 

I tried to remember what year that he died, I just had checked this site yesterday to see if anyone had posted on his profile.  

08/23/17 11:53 AM #5    

William Schifman

Jim,  thanks for sharing.  Your comments helped to recall my many fond memories of Mike at Hale Cook. It was Mike, Richie Greenstreet (transferred to Center) and myself who hung out together on the playgrounds of Hale Cook. Recall sleep overs and his dad cooking breakfast for us in his house on the corner of 75th and Summit.  Only care in the world,  if we could get enough guys together to play ball. A real quality guy!!!!

09/14/17 08:47 PM #6    

James Miller

I loved that house for many reasons, but 1. You could wash your car in the middle of winter in the basement garage,  2. Sitting in the kitchen, you could see what was going on on 75th Street, 3. The screened in porch, and 4. Good front yard for wiffle ball.

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