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Jerry Keller

Jerry Keller

Deceased Classmate: Jerry Keller
Date Of Birth: 7-22-1949
Date Deceased: 5-14-2011
Age at Death: 61
Cause of Death: Cancer
Classmate City: Kansas City
Classmate State: MO
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: Father Bud; Brother Chick; Brother Bill

One of the most decorated athletes in the class of 1967, Jerry and I met at a Cub Scout gathering in Swope park in 1959, after I arrived here from Jefferson City. We took first place in the two-man sack race; and were closest and best buds every since. Our adventures could fill a novel. He will always remain one of the most missed individuals I shall ever encounter -- Doug Noblet

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07/05/12 06:23 PM #1    

Kent Johnson

My most vivid memory of Jerry was Senior year when we both took Physics from Mr. Edwards. Those of you remember jis class, know that his word for being sent to the office was that you were being "bilged." Jerry more or less collected bilges. I remember one day when he and Rick Pereless were both bilged, and, Jerry, as he opened the classroom door said: "Is this a Roy or a Wild Bill bilge?" At that point, Mr. Edwards looked positively apoplectic! I know that on the occasions that they were borh bilged, they just left and headed to Shakey's Pizza for a pitcher of beer.

I will always remember Jerry for his wit and carefree approach to life, and his kindness.

Kent Johnson

01/26/14 11:17 PM #2    

Donald Winett

Man, I've got a lot of memories of Jerry. Lots of good, fun times. But this one goes all the way back to eighth grade when we played football on the Golden Bears. That's when I first met Jerry and a lot of the other guys. I had gone to Marlbourgh Elementary and not to many kids came from there to Bingham. We were playing a game and we scored a touchdown and all the guys were smiling and laughing about scoring. But not Jerry. He was so intense. He started shouting and telling all of us to quit smiling, no smiling until we won the game. And we did. And then we got to smile. Because when Jerry said not to smile no one did. He was a leader on the football field even then.

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