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Uldis Eglitis

Uldis Eglitis

Uldis Elgitis passed away on April 25, 2015 in Kansas City, Mo. Funeral services were held April 30. The obituary published in the Kansas City Star included no details on Uldis or his family. Uldis had never joined the web site either, so we have no profile for him.

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05/04/15 10:10 AM #9    

D. Suzanne "Suzy" Willard (Thurman)

I, too, had several classes over the years with Uldis though I can't recall the exact ones.   He was always so quiet and very nice.  He always appeared to be smiling  but seemed to be a very private person.   I was so sorry to hear of his passing.   It is very hard being so far away from my roots in KC and being out of contact with my former classmates and childhood friends.  It is particularly sad to read of their passing even though years and miles have separated us.   I will always remember Uldis fondly and his sweet smile.  

05/04/15 11:26 AM #10    

Mary Green (Dodson)

I met Uldis for the first time the first day of our senior year. I was hooked from the first time we met. We had our first date that weekend and continued to date for the over two and a half years. That was quite a feat as I was away at school and Uldis remained in Kansas City. Although he was never active in school activities, he had many friends that we did things with. He especially enjoyed playing touch football at a park about 71st and Holmes (or close to that address) with his brother, Mikki (or was it Micky or Micki) and friends. Many of the kids were a grade older since Mikki was a grade ahead (Larry Mims, Bill Dodson(my future husband), and others. Hard to remember who was there since I only had eyes for Uldis. He was a major part of what made Southwest so wonderful for me. The summer after his senior year, he got a job at the K.C. Zoo. He did not usually have access to a car so would walk from about 62nd and Wornall all the way to the zoo. How many of us would put in that much effort to have a job? Yes, his family did flee from Latvia due to the Nazi invasion. What brave people! His father had a good job with the city drawing city maps and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. There were four children: John (older and the only one born in Latvia, I think), Myra, Micki, and Uldis.

I love reading that people remember his wonderful smile and friendly personality. He definitely was a winner! He was loved by many faculty members. Our senior year, he took shorthand (maybe it would be useful in college?). I can't remember the teacher who taught that class. Whoever she was, she let him get away with things and enjoyed having him in class. Maybe she was just pleased to have a guy in class. There he was in a class full of girls having a great time! No wonder he was always smiling.

05/04/15 12:13 PM #11    

Barbara Paskins (Talman)

Thanks Mary, It is good to know that Uldis was a happy person and I am thinking that continued on into his adult life.  Your comments were a wonderful tribute to him.  


Barb Talman



05/04/15 01:29 PM #12    

Robert Manley

Thanks for the information Mary.  I knew you were close to Uldis. He really did like you. Yes, that short hand class was up his alley.  Anyway I always thought you and he were going to get married.  I do not know what happened after high school as I lost touch. I did hear that he became a CPA.

This brings back fond memories.  Uldis loved that.

Bob Manley (Cocoa Beach, Florida)

05/04/15 02:07 PM #13    

Trudy Royster

I remember Uldis because of his unusual name and seeing him in the halls at school. He never bothered anyone but was always friendly when you spoke to him. From the posts here he sounds like a really good guy. RIP Uldis!

05/04/15 02:35 PM #14    

Jean Donovitz (Bratt)

I may have had a class or with Uldis but I think I mainly knew him as Mary's boyfriend.  What a sweet guy.  He and Mary were always so cute together, smiling down the halls.  It's still a fond memory

05/04/15 05:36 PM #15    

Sally Coe (Roady)

I remember Uldis, too, and like Suzy said, I think I had a class or two with him over the years! I do remember what a nice smile he had! That was a very nice tribute to him Mary! Was trying to remember if he went to Border Star? I'm sure he probably had Thelma Welch for shorthand, although he wasn't in my class!  It's always sad to hear when someone from our class passes away! RIP Uldis


05/05/15 09:35 AM #16    

Mary Green (Dodson)

Sally, thanks for remwmbering the teachsr was Thelma Welch. My memory for names is lousy.It's good to hear all the memories.

05/07/15 01:48 PM #17    

Gene Greenberg

It is always sad to hear when one of our classmates passes away. I felt we were the guys that would live forever! I remember Uldis and I'm sure we had classes together and crossed paths at lunch time and study halls. I too was intrigued by his name and unfortunately remember that the most. It is really nice to read the memories of fellow SW 67ers who knew him the best. I am very sorry about his loss to us and to all of those who knew and loved him.

07/13/15 03:51 AM #18    

John (Pete) Pierron

Saddened to learn of Udis's passing; yet how uplifting to see the amount of goodwill his name evokes even among people who do not recall what classes they knew him from -- myself included.  Although I do not recall any activities with Uldis outside of classtime, I can remember having discussions with him and hearty laughter in lighthearted moments, which makes me think at least one of the classes we shared was one or more with Tex Western -- the scene of more laughter than any other classes I can think of.

Likewise saddened to hear that he had to walk so far to work.  But not surprised at the dedication he showed in doing so.  Surprised, though, that he wouldn't opt to take the 63rd St. bus, which I believe still covers most of that distance between Wornall and the Zoo.

In any event I join with all others who celebrate the life of this gentle soul.  R I P, my friend.

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