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Michael Braun

Michael Braun

Mike Braun passed away on March 29, 2017. No funeral or obituary, but there was a Celebration of Life event held in Westport. He is survived by a son, Sam. 

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04/13/17 02:16 PM #1    

John Daily

What a great guy!  Mike and I connected and reconnected over the years.  We were among the  "Pals" who used to hang around Brookside after school.  Then Mike turned-up in the 70s running the bar at Madame Lovejoy's when it was the place for live music in the River Quay.  He had run a bar while doing his duty for the U.S. Army when he was stationed in Germany.  Later on, Mike managed St. Crispin Leathers on the Plaza.  And so it goes. We lost track of each other in middle age, when he was tending bar at The Blarney Stone.  At that time, Mike was so proud of his son, who he was putting through college. Mike was one solid guy, whose word was his bond.  You could always count on Mike.  He had a lot of pals, and will be missed by many besides me.

04/14/17 04:10 PM #2    

Carole Kidwell (Wall-Simmons)

This is a tough one - not that they all aren't.

I went with Mike junior year into senior year. I cared very much about him but for whatever reasons we make the decisions we make when we are young girls, we broke up. He went into the service and to Germany. I started hearing from him again my sophomore year in college...

Mike Braun was the finest person you would ever want to meet. There wasn't a mean bone in his body. He was incredibly thoughtful, caring and kind - perhaps to a fault.

Most people don't know Mike was a Green Beret. He didn't talk about it much - because he was also very humble. I have a picture of him in his uniform that I will find and post.

Yep, this is tough. Rest in peace, Mike.  Love, Carole


04/16/17 07:24 AM #3    

Mary Green (Dodson)

Carol, thank you for your touching comment. Hang on to those memories. I think we're too young to be so old and lose so many dear friends.

04/17/17 08:35 AM #4    

William Schifman

Recently losing Ronnie, Frank, Arvin and now Mike Braun is really tough but as Carol said, "they're all tough."  I'm always saddened and of course not believing when I hear of a classmates' passing. Truly feel that way hearing about Mike Braun. Ran into him many times over the years and he never changed over the years from being the quite, soft spoken, good looking, cool guy that he was! I will miss running into him and laughing about old times like we did so often over these past many years.

06/22/17 06:24 AM #5    

John (Pete) Pierron

Mike and I had a very special relationship at St.Peter's elementary school. Our last names sound enough alike that we were able to pull off a bit of a scam:  If my name was among those called who were to remain "after school" for some rule infraction, and I had other prior plans (or just didn't feel like staying on that particular day), I would leave promptly when the last class was dismissed.  The next day, when questioned as to why I didn't stay, I would simply say "Oh, I thought you said BRAUN;" and conversely Mike would do the same thing, claiming that he did not stay when he was supposed to because he thought the teacher had said PIERRON.  Of course we still had to do our time staying after, but we got to do it on a day when it was more convenient for us, because knowing ahead of time which day we would have to stay after, we were better able to arrange our day such that staying after did not present as much of a disruption of our planned activities.  We were both amazed at how often we were able to pull that off without incurring any extra punishment.  Eventually the teachers did catch on, though, and they would look us in the eye and pronounce our names very distinctly to prevent us from utilizing that scam again.  

I can only echo the others speaking of Mike.  He was consistently one of the most easy-going, friendly and all-round fun people you could hope to have as a friend, who after high school donned a uniform and went off to serve his country, and spent many of his later years serving his community --- one drink at a time.  He is one who contributed a great deal to the friendliness our city is known for.

Thank you for your service, Mike.  Rest in peace. 

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