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Posted Wednesday, November 18, 2015 05:24 AM

AS everyone can see from my post that I live in the PHILIPPINE ISLANDS,

I have no access to USA phone books or ways to find phone numbers of persons in the USA.

all means of looking someone up on the NET is a dead end, from here.

does any one know how to contact BERNIE SEARS , or HENRY BRANSTEADER from the class of 67 , or KENNETH FRY, [ from the class of 68]

I would like to talk to those people on this site or on the phone, as I have a VOIP phone here in PI.

I have sent messages to them on this site and I guess they dont look at their email. or my messages do not reach them for some reason.


ALSO! can anyone tell me how JERALD CAPLAN died????


I am the guy that built the SOCCER goal posts in the south field of the school that stood for many years, built from the old boiler tubes from the heating system in the school when they redid the boiler that year.  [those goal posts might still be there}     dont know!

I did that in the school metal shop.

I am also the guy that caused the school to be evacuated when I put oxygen and acetylene in one of those pipes and lit it off, that removed the only window in the shop class because of the explosion.

and YES! I did that on purpose, and the only person besides me that KNEW what really happened was "J.R" MANLY, the shop teacher, who was in GREENSTREETS office at the time,

I am sure it was a WTF happened,,, when it shook the front office that day.

he was pissed , but he never said anything to anyone else because he was the one that left ME in charge of the class at the time and that probably would not look too good for him at that time,

I  am also the guy that built the MINI BIKE in shop class in about 1966 and drove it home when it was done.

maybe no one remembers that.

Posted Wednesday, May 16, 2018 11:24 AM

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