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•   John Daily  3/19
•   David Wysong  3/8
•   Christina Harris  3/4
•   Larry Pollard  3/1
•   Richard Keith  2/16
•   Tina Mitchell  2/15
•   Carol Nenno (Thomas)  2/15
•   Karen Neff (Bogard)  2/15
•   Emily Brinkman (Jewett)  1/26
•   Cheryl Baker (May)  12/8
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I am running for Subdistrict 5 of the KC School Board on April 2. I want to get the School Board to reopen SW High School so that middle class kids in South Kansas City have some place to go to school. There are 14 voting locations at which I want to pass out handbills on April 2. I plan on handing out about 20,000 handbills. I have 7 poll workers lined up; and I need to find at least 7 more. Ideally I would be able to find 14. I could set up half-day rotations. My first volunteer was Pete Pieron. The second volunteer was Dan Stepp (who finished at Shawnee Mission). If anybody else could help on Election Day, please call me at 816-523-4243 or e-mail me at Thanks. Mark Wasserstrom

Hey All,
I have been asked to be a Guest Artist at Culver-Stockton College in Canton, MO. I'll be playing Hercule Poirot in a play adaptation of

March 29th, 30th and 31st

contact: for times and tickets.

"I believe it was the greatest case of my career..."--Hercule Poirot

Tuck Milligan

Greenberg/Pollard Holocaust Connection

In June, 1958 the Pollard family moved to 6017 Oak right after my 3rd grade year at Francis Willard grade school. On the day we arrived I set out on my bike to find anybody my age. I soon met a kid at 6016 Locust. His name was Gene Greenberg. I lived behind him; our backyards connected, the friendship started. His parents were Abe and Helen, great people; they treated me like a family member.

One summer day before 4th grade my curiosity got the best of me and I asked Gene why his parents had numbers tattooed on their arms. That is when I became Gene’s first student on the subject of the Holocaust. His parents were survivors of Auschwitz; however, his 2 older brothers, Samuel and Simon only 14 and 11 were murdered there. He even showed me pictures of them. I’m not sure but I probably offered up the info my Dad was in WWII and Korea, although I didn’t know what he did because he never talked about it.

My Dad, Bill Pollard, currently lives at the Veterans Home in Cameron, MO. Over the last 10 years I have learned about his service because he has opened up and I have seen his military records. I could write a book about his service but this message isn’t about him. About a year ago he started a project for the small library at the facility. He wanted to acquire more books about the war and the Holocaust because he feels young people aren’t getting any history about it. He also has a problem with some people who don’t believe the Holocaust was real. When the war in Europe was over Dad was waiting for his next orders. Being a combat medic, he was sent to Dachau to liberate and medically treat Jewish prisoners. Now I know why he is focused on the Holocaust.

Gene Greenberg has been on the Governor’s Council in the State of Nevada related to the Holocaust and has been educating people for more than 40 years. He made a promise to his Dad to tell the story. I was Gene’s first student 61 years ago. Gene has been an inspiration for my Dad, and we have been in collaboration for a few months about the library. So far over 200 books have been donated to the library about the war and the Holocaust. Dad has given interviews and speeches about the subject and the Greenberg family. Now hanging in a special place in the library is a picture of Abe, Helen, Samuel and Simon Greenberg with their story. It is a remembrance of a great family, the millions that were murdered and those that survived. Bill Pollard has made it his mission to make the library a resource for youth and the community, so the atrocities are never forgotten. A copy of the pictures of the Greenberg family displayed at the library, and one of Bill Pollard standing next to it, are shared below.

On the morning of March 18th Gene and his brother Stan, SWHS 1964 will be at the Veterans Home to visit Bill and see the library. Dad and many others at the home are very excited about this visit.

Larry Pollard


A note from Gene to our class:

I was really happy when we won a football championship, and winning at basketball was great, too. Senior play was nice and I was so proud of being at one of the nations 25 best high schools.

None of that can equal the feelings I have about being part of the Class of 67 since Larry Pollard posted our story. The comments from you, our classmates, have been overwhelming and a true measure of how special our class was and how it helped mold us into the people we are today.

Many of you commented on your surprise about my family story. While Larry did receive my first Holocaust lesson he was probably the only recipient of a Holocaust lesson until well after high school. That was my fault due to a combination of embarrassment, shyness, and insecurity. Thankfully I got over it and found my voice. I was fortunate to hold a high profile position in a high profile industry that gave me a nice platform. Now I can’t seem to shut up about it.

You should know, during our years at Southwest, I was not the only student in our class with a family story related to the Holocaust.  All of us who were growing up in survivor families knew who each other was and we all understood what it meant.

Most important, I want to let you all know what a hero Bill Pollard is to me. While we were growing up we spent a lot more time at Larry’s house than mine, and the Pollards sure did make me feel part of their family. In the survivor community there are no higher honors than those given to the Righteous Gentiles, who risked their lives to save others lives during the Holocaust, and the liberators who freed the camps not a day too soon. Bill Pollard went into Dachau as a combat medic and in horrible conditions treated prisoners and saved lives.

The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree they say, and long before Larry involved me in the Library in Cameron, he was working with his dad to make all of this a reality.

Larry and I plan to document our visit to Cameron and share it with all of you. Not for us, but to shine a spotlight on the importance of Holocaust education, and how one brave WWII veteran living in rural Missouri can make a difference.

Thank you Class of 67…the press in 1967 got it right, you are exceptional.

Hey Everyone,
So many people ask me to tell them when I'll be in something they can see and I was hoping that this national spot that I shot last summer before our reunion would already be running to save me the trouble. However, Merck has yet to put it on the here is a way that you can see it NOW.

Go to the website  and CLICK on "Watch Our Ad For Adults 65+"

You'll find the button on the upper right of the page. In the commercial you'll see a fuzzy old guy (who is obviously a total narcissus) shooting selfies like crazy with his pretty wife, granddaughter and friends.

Hope you enjoy it!